TD712z MK2

Loudspeakers, Stand Mount

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*On Normal Stand – Price for a single speaker

Ultimate high fidelity,the perfect evolution

In 2004, Eclipse released TD712z, the flagship of the ECLIPSE TD range. This became the ultimate standard for the brand.

Analogue speaker design has changed little since it began and achieving landmark progress presents a considerable challenge. To develop the original TD712z, they studied and tried new technologies with countless listening tests.

‘There is no limit in the pursuit of the ultimate: tuning each individual detail brings evolutionary progress.’

The target for TD712z MK2 was to extend the frontiers of performance achieved with the original. Because Eclipse wanted to offer a wider frequency response, and improved power handling, they undertook a fundamental review of all elements and functions. As a result, they achieved an even better impulse response than the original TD712z, which they thought would not be feasible at the launch in 2004.

So now, the artistry of music, the thoughts and feelings of artists themselves, the distinctive sounds of each instrument, the exquisite harmonies woven from numerous musical notes – you can experience it all with the new TD712z MK2 like you’ve never experienced it before.

These speakers have an extended frequency response at both ends of the spectrum in comparison to their predecessors as well as an improved off axis response, so set up is all the more critical.

The starting point should be to ensure that the space around each speaker is right for the listening environment. A good guide for the distance between the speaker and the rear wall is approximately 75cm and the distance in from the side- walls 125cm.

The next consideration is to adjust the feet so the speakers are level enabling the heads to be mounted correctly on the stands. It is important to make sure that the angle of each head unit to the listener is the same for each speaker. The range of angle adjustment provided is 0 to 12 degrees.

A final check should be carried out to make sure that as well as being level; the speakers are mounted firmly to the floor to eliminate any movement. After the initial set up has been completed, it is best to run the speakers for an hour or so before making any adjustment to the placement.

By fine-tuning the distance to the rear & side- walls, performance can be adjusted to suit personal preference. It is really a balancing act between the imaging and sound stage that the speakers produce versus the bass weight you want to achieve.