Loudspeakers, Sub Woofers

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Accurate and realistic reproduction of low frequencies

From the 1980s to 1990s, 2.1-channel systems featuring subwoofers were popular, but they did not survive. These subwoofers provided an increase in bass sounds, but caused a feeling of discomfort because the reproduced bass sounds of the system did not have clarity. The main cause of this feeling is due to a delay in the reproduction of the bass sound. ECLIPSE focused on the delay caused by subwoofers, and aimed at accurately reproducing the sound signals recorded in music and movie software. If bass sounds are reproduced accurately, the clear and accurate reproduction of full orchestral timpani and gran casa sounds, which cannot be attained by conventional subwoofers, will be possible with the timing as intended by the conductors. The reproduction of bass sounds at a high response speed in stereo or surround mode, which top artists in the world appreciate, will make it possible to refine the entire sound field, more closely reflecting the ideal listening environment.

Balancing both high response speed and power of sounds achieved by small and large diameter speakers

Featuring two subwoofers with a diameter of 20 cm the user has flexibility of positioning while maintaining bass sound reproduction at the world’s highest level. The TD520SW, is equipped with a compact digital power amplifier that has good energy conversion efficiency while also maintaining the high volume efficiency of the product. Like the TD725SWMK2, the TD520SW is equipped with two input systems each provided with an independent audio volume and low-pass filter with consideration of the convenience of those people using the product in stereo or surround mode. Furthermore, all operations, including input selection, are possible remotely.


The ECLIPSE TD Home Audio Systems have been developed under the concept of exactly reproducing the sounds recorded in all media but specifically optical media, such as DVDs and CDs. ECLIPSE regards the recorded sounds in such media as art, and has the idea of reproducing the performance of artists with their passion exactly, without erasing or adding anything. ECLIPSE adopted a time domain theory for the development concept of ECLIPSE Home Audio Systems and the reproduction of exact sounds.

Speaker Units

A large speaker unit is traditionally required to reproduce rich and powerful bass sounds. If a larger speaker is used, the area of the speaker that presses the air and the weight of the diaphragm will increase, thus making it difficult to control the movement of the diaphragm quickly. Therefore, ECLIPSE’s subwoofers do not adopt large-diameter speaker units. Instead, they use original speaker units that are comparatively small in diameter so that they can be driven at high speed. Furthermore, each model uses two speaker units, thus achieving the reproduction of bass sounds and high power that is equivalent to large-diameter speaker units.

Aluminum Shaft Coupling

In order to drive speaker units at high speed, strong bases are required to secure the speaker units. For example, ECLIPSE’s speaker units are secured to ground anchors to form tough bases. In this instance, ECLIPSE’s subwoofers connect two speaker units facing back to each other with an aluminum shaft instead of ground anchors. The two speaker units are driven in-phase, the generated reaction force of which forms a strong base in place of a ground anchor.

Floating Structure

If speaker units are mounted directly to an enclosure, the vibration of the speaker units may cause unwanted sounds that do not exist in the original sounds. ECLIPSE uses special material to suppress vibration and places two speaker units in an enclosure. Furthermore, the supporting section of the internal aluminum shaft uses a special material to cancel any vibration. This structure not only minimizes unwanted vibration transmitted to the enclosure but also maintains the interior of the enclosure airtight.

High-output Digital Power Amplifier

ECLIPSE adopts an ICEpower-made high-output, digital power amplifier in order to extract all the potential out of the two small diameter speaker units which are designed to achieve a wide-range sound reproduction at high-response speed. The incorporation of the digital power amplifier enables the downsizing of the internal circuit and results in high-efficiency energy conversion thus solving various issues, including problems in the occupation of internal space and heat dissipation. The digital power amplifier has improved the ‘bulk ratio’ of the subwoofers while keeping high linearity at maximum output, thus achieving the reproduction of bass sounds with sufficient margins.

Dual Control Function Allowing Versatile System Set Up

ECLIPSE’s subwoofers incorporate versatile input and output terminals to support a variety of stereo and sound systems in combination. In addition to line (stereo) input and output terminals, speaker level input and output terminals are provided, thus connecting to 2.1- and 5.1-channel systems as well. Furthermore, the input and output terminals are divided into two blocks, each of which allows independent volume and LPF level adjustments. This dual control function with two control blocks makes it possible to construct versatile systems, including AV and stereo amplifiers, eliminating equipment limitations with dramatic operability improvements.

High Vibration Damping Property and Increased Flexibility of Positioning

ECLIPSE’s subwoofers are provided with comprehensive vibration suppression measures. A glass of water placed on an enclosure incorporating ECLIPSE’s subwoofers in operation will not shake. Therefore, the vibration of the subwoofers will not vibrate the floor of the building, and unlike conventional subwoofers, you do not need vibration suppression measures such as spikes. All operations are possible with the buttons on the front side and also with the provided remote control, additionally the LED indicator displays operational information. Furthermore, the subwoofers incorporate a dimmer function to adjust the brightness at three levels, thus ensuring flexible positioning without obstructing video viewing in home theaters.