TD510Z MK2

Floor Standing, Loudspeakers

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This product has a 1 year warranty.

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£160 per month for 12 months

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Price for a single speaker

The ultimate expression of the 5 series

Since Eclipse developed the original 512 with their revolutionary Time Domain theory, they have been hard at work refining the series to bring you as close to perfection as possible. TD510ZMK2 is a prime example of this continuous development. It’s the first 5 series model to feature an integrated stand and they have incorporated many of the key design elements of our flagship, studio professional TD712zMK2. This includes precise angle adjustment, superior clarity and tight bass responses, similar to the offered by TD712zMK2.


Once, listening to music was all about performance. In fact, the first home audio system made nearly a century ago, were aimed at recreating the live performance experience. But over time this changed. Audio equipment came to focus more on the technicalities f reproducing a wide range of frequencies accurately, rather than recreating the sound and the spirit of the actual performance itself.

ECLIPSE TD, however, recreates pure performance to reveal the very essence of the artists’ passion and craft. We believe that music should be reproduced just as it was created, with nothing added or reduced.

Getting the best performance from your speakers

These speakers have an extended frequency response at both ends of the spectrum in comparison to their predecessors as well as an improved off axis response, so set up is all the more critical.

The starting point should be to ensure that the space around each speaker is right for the listening environment. A good guide for the distance between the speaker and the rear wall is approximately 75cm and the distance in from the side- walls 125cm.

The next consideration is to adjust the bullet spikes so the speakers are level enabling the heads to be mounted correctly on the stands. It is important to make sure that the angle of each head unit to the listener is the same for each speaker. A range of angle adjustment is -10 to 15 degrees.

A final check should be carried out to make sure that as well as being level; the speakers are mounted firmly to the floor to eliminate any movement. After the initial set up has been completed, it is best to run the speakers for an hour or so before making any adjustment to the placement.

By fine-tuning the distance to the rear & side- walls, performance can be adjusted to suit personal preference. It is really a balancing act between the imaging and sound stage that the speakers produce versus the bass weight you want to achieve.