TD510 Mk2

Loudspeakers, Stand Mount


This product has a 1 year warranty.

Unparalleled performance

The mark two TD510 has been launched in Eclipse’s 10th anniversary year to exemplify 10 years of continuous technical improvements. It takes accurate sound reproduction to a whole new level, along with a new flexible adjustment, allowing to you to enjoy maximum sound fidelity mounted from the ceiling or your ideal setting for perfect sound.


Once, listening to music was all about performance. In fact, the first home audio system made nearly a century ago, were aimed at recreating the live performance experience. But over time this changed. Audio equipment came to focus more on the technicalities f reproducing a wide range of frequencies accurately, rather than recreating the sound and the spirit of the actual performance itself.

ECLIPSE TD, however, recreates pure performance to reveal the very essence of the artists’ passion and craft. We believe that music should be reproduced just as it was created, with nothing added or reduced.

Getting the best performance from your speakers

This speaker sets a new standard for a pedestal design and features a lot of the technology and adjustment offered by our flagship speaker, albeit in a simplified form.

It is suited to many applications: as a standard high quality stereo speaker, audio visual / multichannel, and distributed audio. The type of application will determine the placement to obtain the best performance.

If it is being used as quality stereo monitor you will need to provide a suitable stand, unless you are locating the speaker on a cabinet or shelf. In the case of a floor standing set up, you need to provide a suitable solid stand that is 60cm tall, to obtain the best results. Depending on your listening position you will need to fine tune the angle of the speaker, vertical adjustments of -10 to 30 degrees are provided.

Positioning the speaker correctly within your room will offer benefits. For free space use, we would suggest that you start with a distance of some 50cm of free space behind the speaker and then fine-tune the distance until you obtain your preferred balance between the bass output and the depth of stereo image. We would also suggest that you have a minimum distance of 175cm to 200cm between the speakers depending on the distance of your seating position.

TD510MK2 is more than capable of revealing the quality of the accompanying elements in your system. Select the best source possible whether it is digital or analog. An amplifier of 25>50 watts rms should be sufficient for most rooms and once again it is the quality that is of paramount importance.