TD307 MK2A

Loudspeakers, Stand Mount


This product has a 1 year warranty.

Audiophile miniaturisation – small, but perfectly formed

ECLIPSE TD speakers bring the technology used by sound engineers and musical artists to the small speaker. Sound theory, award winning design, technical know-how, carefully chosen material and a precision attention to detail go into achieving a highest sound quality – at an affordable price.

Although it is classed as a small speaker system, the TD307MK2A’s construction and technology is as superior as their larger models. The driver unit has been developed to achieve better impulse response and a wider frequency range, vibration resistance has been improved to provide better low-frequency response, and it can be mounted in any direction. You’ll experience a speaker that’s out of its class.


Once, listening to music was all about performance. In fact, the first home audio system made nearly a century ago, were aimed at recreating the live performance experience. But over time this changed. Audio equipment came to focus more on the technicalities f reproducing a wide range of frequencies accurately, rather than recreating the sound and the spirit of the actual performance itself.

ECLIPSE TD, however, recreates pure performance to reveal the very essence of the artists’ passion and craft. We believe that music should be reproduced just as it was created, with nothing added or reduced.

Getting the best performance from your speakers

The TD307MK2A offers a wide range of fixing and adjustment options.

Desktop or Shelf mounting

This is the simplest method for installing the speakers as they can be placed directly on the surface as the bases have rubber feet. They need to be situated with at least one metre of free space between the speakers to provide the correct stereo spread. If the shelf is above your seating position you will probably need to angle the heads down to get the best focus of sound.

To make this adjustment just slacken the front allen head bolt situated on the underside of the head with the key provided, and using the scale ensure that both the speakers are tilted to the same angle before tightening securely. An adjustment of up to 25 degrees downward is available. If the surface upon which the speakers are placed is below your seating position you will need to make a similar adjustment but tilting the heads upward, a range of up to 30 degrees is provided.

There is also the provision to swivel the heads in the lateral plane if needed. To do this slacken off the larger allen head bolt that connects the head to the arm, twist to the required position and then tighten the bolt back up. All options are catered for as the head can be moved through a full 360 degrees.

Ceiling mounting

First you need to get to the fixing holes located inside the foot, to do this first remove the 3 small crosshead screws on the underside of the foot. Once these have been removed you can unclip the foot cover to give you access to the 4 curved slots through which you mount the base with the suitable screws to the surface (please note that screws are not supplied with the product). Remove the fixing bolt that connects the head to the stand arm so that you are just left with foot and the arm assembly, you can now mount this directly to the surface.

Fix the foot firmly to the surface so it cannot fall but do not over tighten as this will distort the foot and will make clipping the top cover back on difficult.

Depending on the gauge of cabling you are using, where it is less than 7mm diameter, it can be threaded through the groove provided in the arm in the for a neat finish. If it is over 7mm in diameter the cable will just be brought round to the speaker terminals, in either case you should allow a “tail” of cable of a minimum of 20cm. The terminals will accept either bare wires or a 4mm speaker plugs.

Once the speakers are fixed and connected you can push the foot cover back Into the rubber bushes which will hold it in place.

If you have purchased a pair of the 307DMK2A stands please consult the booklet supplied with the stands for information on assembly.