Loudspeakers, Stand Mount


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Eclipse TD-M1 speaker system combines audiophile experience with today’s lifestyle.

The Eclipse TD-M1 delivers ultra-fidelity sound in a system designed for today’s connected lifestyle. It reproduces music so accurately that recording engineers at studios around the world use Eclipse TD-Series speakers as their reference monitors. Performing its best at natural volumes, every detail and subtle audiophile nuance is rendered at sound levels perfect for normal conversation. While other speakers strain to deliver at anything less than concert-hall volumes, the Eclipse TD-M1 system puts a magnifying glass on the music—intimate, up close and personal.

Ultimate desktop system.

The Eclipse TD-M1 uses the same award-winning technology employed in Eclipse’s $10,600 TD-712 speaker, while combining wireless convenience and connectivity with compact size. At home everywhere, this is the ultimate desktop system for music lovers who won’t compromise their sound. Offering total freedom of movement, the TD-M1 introduces headphone lovers to a whole new personal listening experience without isolation or confinement.

Powerful performance with a small footprint.

From a compact form factor of the TD-M1 comes life-size, realistic sound, thanks to the high-efficiency, Class-D digital amp that powers the special, crossover-less driver mounted in the Eclipse’s unique enclosure.

Highest quality, from A to D.

From input to output, the Eclipse TD-M1 is designed to work with high-resolution sound sources. A built-in 192kHz/24 bit input interface is capable of handling 6.5 times the amount of data on a CD. Eclipse engineers developed a 192kHz/24 bit-compatible, non-oversampling D-to-A converter (NOS-DAC) for clearer sound. With a world-class signal-to-noise ratio and ultra-low distortion factor, the TD-M1 is capable of playback that brings out the magic of the highest-quality original master tapes.

Unparalleled wireless convenience.

Wireless playback via AirPlay® makes the Eclipse TD-M1 intuitive and easy to use. CD-quality (44.1kHz/16 bit) lossless audio can be streamed through Apple devices like iPhone, iPad and Mac*, directly connected without need for a router.

“Eclipse TD Remote” App for remote control functionality (for iOS 6 or later) is available for free download and offers power, volume and input switching functionality. Download the “Eclipse TD Remote” App here.

Simple set-up and operation.
One-touch speaker angle adjustment allows the listener to establish the optimal listening point for an unbelievably realistic sonic landscape and precise imaging of voices and instruments. It’s like a window into the soundstage from the best seat in the house. Intuitive touch-sensor controls are built into the base of the speaker and a simple LED indicator displays operational functions, while an external input (3.5mm stereo mini jack) connects to TVs etc..

Why do they sound so real?

It’s all about the waveform. The TD project is a joint venture between technology giants Fujitsu and Toyota to explore “Time Domain,” the guiding principle that makes every Eclipse TD-Series speaker sound so real compared to even the finest conventional speaker systems that typically concentrate on frequency response at the expense of accuracy in time-domain performance.

Importantly, the use of more than one driver introduces unavoidable distortions due to delayed delivery across the frequency spectrum. Similarly, the use of rectangular, sharp-cornered cabinets creates diffraction effects and panel resonance, aberrations that become immediately audible when compared to a correct time domain design. Additionally, multiple drivers require a crossover network that creates phase anomalies and adds further coloration to a speaker’s sonic signature. Eclipse engineers understand that optimum time-domain performance is achieved by engineering out all the mechanisms that make other speakers sound compressed, non-coherent and unnatural. The Eclipse TD-M1 is a revelation; capable of an acoustic “disappearing trick” that reveals detail like never before