Scala Utopia V1

Floor Standing, Loudspeakers


This product has a 2 year warranty.

Focal Scala V1 speakers in warm grey finish, ex-demo, fully boxed, immaculate condition, HUGE SAVING! (£20000 New)

The three-way floor standing loudspeaker Scala takes you closer to the music with enhanced emotion and listening pleasure.

  • A 3-way reference floorstanding loudspeaker
  • Very high-end but with moderate size
  • 100% Focal manufactured

“The Scalas mid-range is truly stunning. What makes them very special indeed is that the designers succeeded to bring bottom and top frequencies together with equal energy, so that the all-round presentation is without voids. Thus the Scalas sound relaxed and natural with virtually all musical program material and almost make one forget that they are, after all, important components of a music system. With an appropriate amp/preamp combination, they will impeccably reproduce the personality of amp, preamp and source components. This will likely appeal to audiophiles as they can achieve the desired or preferred sound. However, the Scalas’ are also enviably musical — and I attribute this to their ability to reveal the harmonics, likely beyond the 10th harmonic. This, of course, reveals the personality of instruments and voices in any musical program material, and will please those who are primarily music lovers. In other words, there is a lot of sound for everyone who loves music and is into high-end audio” – The Inner Ear