PB1i Signature

Floor Standing, Loudspeakers


This product has a 2 year warranty.

Pair of PMC PB1i Signature speakers in rosewood finish, 2 years old, fully boxed, superb condition. The PB1i excels in medium and large rooms with modest or highly exotic source equipment. Its ability to resolve every nuance in the mid and high frequencies derives from the combination of a silky smooth PMC/SEAS® developed tweeter and a professionally proven three inch (75mm) soft dome mid-range. PMC’s research into driver design has again produced dramatic results with the development of a new bass driver specifically engineered for the PB1i, which makes for a clean, fast and exceptionally extended bass response. Though substantially built, the PB1i offers an easy load and is therefore easily matched with a wide range of high quality amplifiers. This ease of drive is readily apparent on audition, the response remaining even and smooth throughout (£8250 New)