Diablo Utopia III

Loudspeakers, Stand Mount

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2-way bookshelf loudspeaker

The bookshelf lousdspeaker Diablo Utopia is compact, distinguished, captivating, audiophile. Diablo Utopia is the ultimate vision of the reference bookshelf loudspeaker, in the purest Focal’s tradition. Largely inspired from the Grande Utopia EM, it sets new milestones in the bass thanks to its new patented 61/2″ (16.5cm) Power Flower, with almost no saturation, and a driver integrated resonator. Fixed on a dedicated stand, Diablo Utopia enchants the midrange and the treble with its definition, demonizes the bass with a density and a power handling never reached so far.

Diablo Utopia will be integrated in your interior with high style. With 16″ height, Diablo will give you a great pleasure listening to hi-fi sound.

Since its launch in 1995, the Utopia range has been driving force for Focal’s innovations: the ‘W’ cone, Focus Time, Multiferrite, Beryllium, Flower Power, OPC, Gamma structure, to name a few… The Utopia III range was the proud heir of this highly technological heritage. Now, it has brought about the new revolution of the Electro-Magnet woofer, while optimising the innovations it inherited.

Each speaker driver module is separate. The several enclosures of the Utopia III and Grande Utopia EM loudspeakers are articulated like a spine. They can be orientated using a lever. This adjustable Focus Time function allows you to fine-tune the sound image to perfection according to your interior.