Dancer Mini Two

Floor Standing, Loudspeakers


This product has a 6 Months warranty.

Pair of Usher Mini Dancer Two speakers, fully boxed, superb condition (£4000 New)

“All in all, the Dancer Mini-Two is a big loudspeaker with a big sound, yet it is basically very accurate and missing nothing, just as measurement suggests. There are no peaks to add unnatural sparkle, or push vocals forward, nor crossover dips to soften the mid-band.

By carefully balancing the overall package, Usher have managed to make this a big hearted loudspeaker with vocals, gloriously detailed in its treble regions and strong in the bass. It’s dramatic in an understated fashion, as hours of listening revealed to me. Usher’s diamond tweeter makes a special and unique contribution, making the Mini-Two a great loudspeaker at a relatively low price for what you get, compared to others in this price band. This is a loudspeaker to seriously consider – it has it all.” – HiFi World