C8 Center

Centre Speakers, Loudspeakers

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In conjunction with other Burmester loudspeakers, the Centerspeaker C8 provides a high degree of linguistic comprehensibility and voice localisation.

Thanks to its low bass frequencies and its high sound level stability, the C8 can also easily perform the functions of a full-range loudspeaker. Its flexible design means that it can be placed virtually anywhere, and this makes it easy to integrate into the interior design of your home, both as a stand-alone speaker and as part of a Burmester rack system.

The C8 has been designed for life-like sound reproduction even at very high volumes.
Sound pressure levels up to 110 dB do not faze the solid center speaker weighing in at almost 35 kg. The chambers of the C8 have been constructed from one-inch thick ultrastiff MDF board with an additional complex bracing system. The bracing and the chamber design drastically reduce sound reflections within the speaker cabinet.
Like all Burmester speakers, the C8 has not been dampened by wool stuffing but by felt-like mats on the inside of the speaker cabinet walls. The thickness of these mats has been calculated precisely in relation to their placement within the cabinet. This special procedure by Burmester gives the C8 an extremely fast and well-defined bass. Due to the low damping of the driver, the bass remains fully audible even at very low volume levels.
The connection to the bass drivers is made with 10 mm pure copper wire. The foremost goal behind the use of top-grade parts has been to create an extremely low-resistance crossover, which will allow the high internal damping of the amplifier to pass with minimal loss to the drivers. Thus, the amps are able to control the various drivers tightly.
The circuit boards of the crossover have been covered with 2 x 70μm-thick layer of copper.
While the bass drivers are connected with 10 mm2 high-purity copper litz, the mid-range drivers with 4 mm² and tweeters are coupled to the  crossover using a new Burmester speaker cable of pure silver.

Dimensions: (WxHxD) 684 x 230 x 434 mm
Weight: app. 35 kg (depending upon model)
Power rating: 150 Watt
Sensitivity (2,83V): 90 dB
Impedance: 4 ohms
Output range (-3dB): 40Hz-24kHz
Crossover frequencies: 280Hz, 3000Hz
acoustical filter characteristics: 12dB/ octave