B80 MK2

Floor Standing, Loudspeakers

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The B80 MK2 is an acoustically outstanding and also visually pleasing loudspeaker which, despite its considerable size, can be integrated into virtually any kind of interior design. In the MK2 version the audio crossover has been noticeably improved and with it the range of tone colours in the low frequency range. On top of this the sound of the ribbon tweeters is now emitted in a different way. This distributes the overtones more widely and makes the result sound even more velvety.

Burmester have kept the look and the feel of the loudspeaker and the proven membrane and magnetic technologies as well as the B80’s high sound neutrality and its fascinating authenticity in reproducing the sound of instruments and voices.


· Low-vibration cabinet walls with thicknesses of up to 37mm plus internal struts to ensure clarity of bass reproduction
· Bass-reflex construction for a powerful and undistorted deep bass
· Separate chambers for treble and mid-range units and for the crossover system serve to increase reproduction precision
· Two impulse-faithful and deep bass-responsive 21cm chassis in each loudspeaker, including a glass-fibre membrane for superior bass reproduction
· Two high-resolution 130mm mid-range units with magnesium membranes for extraordinarily good sound purity and dynamics
· Isodynamic ribbon tweeters for thrillingly brilliant treble reproduction
· Mid-range and tweeter units arranged in a d´Appolito configuration for high dynamics and relaxed listening pleasure
· Every speaker unit is well worn-in and selected to ensure perfect pairings
· Front panel made of solid, 15.5mm thick aluminium enhances the design of the cabinet fronts and provides extra stability around the mid-range and tweeter units
· Bi-wiring and bi-amping terminals available for optional sound optimisation in the bass and mid/ high frequency ranges
· Solid cable terminals inconspicuously mounted beneath each loudspeaker to enable short and virtually lossless connection to the crossover unit
· Low-loss internal wiring: pure copper wire with a 10mm2 cross-section is employed in the bass speakers and 4mm2 copper cable for the mid-range units and tweeters
· Homogeneous signal transmission ensured by using same wiring as in our power amplifiers


Dimensions (W x H x D): 290 x 1,400 x 450mm / 11.4” x 55.1” x 17.7”
Weight per speaker: Approx. 65kg / Approx. 143.3 lbs
Frequency response: 30Hz-25kHz
Rated power: 300 watts
Efficiency : 2.83V/1m 9 0 dB
Nominal impedance: 4 ohms
Crossover frequencies: 200Hz, 2,400Hz
Bass units: 2 x 210mm Æ in bass reflex housing
Mid-range units: 2 x 130mm Æ in sealed sub-enclosures
High-frequency units: Isodynamic ribbon with kaladex membrane
Finish: Elsberry, Makassar, silver