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The B100 is the flagship of the Burmester loudspeaker line. Smoothness, true-to-life dynamics and time-optimised sound are at the top of its agenda. In practice it is an aesthetic loudspeaker which, despite its imposing size, fits harmoniously into the interior design of your home and is the source of pure listening pleasure.

The B100’s three paths are separated from one another by phase linear filters. Middle and high frequency speakers are arranged in what is known as a d’Appolito configuration, which facilitates symmetrical emission, a high level of impulse stability and relaxed listening for long periods of time. Even high decibel levels of well above 115 dB are not a problem as far as this imposing transducer is concerned.


Dimensions (WxHxD): 310mmx1495mmx620mm
Weight: app. 128 kg per speaker
Power Rating: min. 250 watts (pink noise)
Sensitivity (2.83V): 91 dB
Impedance: 4 ohms
Output range (+3/-3dB): 32Hz-45kHz
Crossover frequencies: 160 Hz, 2700 Hz
6 dB tweeter
Slew rate: 2×6 dB mid-rangedriver
6 dB bass driver