Floor Standing, Loudspeakers


This product has a 6 Months warranty.

Spendor A5r, immaculate condition, 1 year old, fully boxed (£2000 New)

The 2.5-way, floorstander boasts a 22mm-wide surround tweeter with a polyamide textile diaphragm. Proprietary D-line technology has been incorporated into both the mid and bass drivers, which are housed within a single sealed acoustic enclosure. A 150mm EP77 polymer coned bass/mid driver is responsible for all the midrange and, at modest listening levels, most of the low frequencies, while the lowest bass signals are handled by the ultra-rigid, two-part bonded 150mm Kevlar composite cone. Both drivers utilise a cast magnesium alloy chassis, high-efficiency motor systems, electro-dynamic damping, and thermal dissipation, claims Spendor.

The A5R boasts a frequency range of 34Hz to 25kHz and is fitted with steel stabiliser inserts in the base of the cabinets.