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Introducing the all-new 212SE, a powerfully wrought design that brings the attack that only 1,000 watts (1,700 watts peak) twin long-stroke S/5 12″ bass engines, partnered with (2) X 12″ passives can bring to bear.

Yet, only a little over 1.5 square feet of floor space is required to achieve its prodigious output. For the full-blown theater maven, they will be forgiven if they think they have died and gone to low bass heaven.

The very special drivers used in our S/5 have been altered here for duty in the twin front-firing configuration but share that model’s Continuous Cast AlloyTM lightweight, stiff cones and its incredible 2″ linear stroke.

Finally, we wouldn’t have felt quite right if we hadn’t included the incredible LongBowTM wireless receiver inside allowing for the promise of affordable, audiophile quality wireless connectivity to finally become a reality. And 212SE’s wireless allows for simultaneous connectivity of both High Level as well as .1/LFE.