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McIntosh MCD500, fully boxed with remote control and manual, excellent condition (£7500 New)

“The MCD500 provides excellent audio performance coupled with undeniably solid build quality. Using the player it always felt like a premium quality product, everything from the aesthetics, build quality to user interface was well polished. The flexibility of digital and variable outputs allows the MCD500 to serve multiple roles in a two channel system. At $6,500 the MCD500 faces stiff competition. If you need a player/DAC combination that can handle high resolution audio files you will need to try the unit in your system to make sure it can accept and process the signals you wish to feed it.

I found the McIntosh’s performance to be superb. Soundstages were large with individual instruments solidly placed. Individual images were well defined and in large scale or frenetic paced pieces the individual components remained distinct. The attack, or leading edge of notes was not as quick as the fastest and most detailed players/DACs I have heard, but the overall sound was coherent, well balanced and most of all musical. I found myself engaged in lengthy listening sessions which drew me into the music and never left me fatigued.

There are lots of premium players on the market; several are in the same price range as the McIntosh MCD500. Each piece has its strengths. The McIntosh’s strength can best be summed up in that it provides a high-level, balanced, sensuous experience, pleasing the senses of touch, vision and most important sound.” – online review