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Naim hard disk players / servers offer CD ripping, cataloguing, storage and distribution either via UPnP to serve multiple UPnP-enabled player / renderers (such as NaimUniti or UnitiQute) or StreamNet to provide up to six streams to a NaimNet audiophile multi-room system.

The Naim HDX is an upgradeable, reference-standard hard disk player designed to enable you to enjoy listening to and managing your collection of high quality CD-rips and downloads through your primary hi-fi system. The HDX is the epitome of performance combined with ease, and will play tracks stored on its integral disks or from NAS, SAN or networked computer storage. There are many ways to control the HDX: remote control, touch-screen, web browser, iPhone. It is the ultimate device for the audiophile who craves convenience.

The world’s first, performance-upgradeable, audiophile hard disk player HDX is first and foremost a music player. Like a conventional music storage device it reads audio data from a CD, copying and storing it to hard disk. That is where the convention ends though.

When a CD is inserted in the HDX disc drawer it is read repeatedly until a bit-perfect CD-quality copy of the audio is obtained. This is then stored onto the HDX’s 1TB hard drive, which provide a capacity for over 1200 CDs. The HDX gives you the option to automatically create duplicate versions of your ripped music and save them to an allocated storage device. This makes the necessary process of backing up your music simple and pain-free. Thanks to an Internet connection, your HDX will automatically catalogue your CDs at artist, album and track level, enabling the simplest search and selection when you come to play your music, which of course is replayed with an utterly uncompromised sound quality.

HDX is IP-enabled and will connect to your home network to form the heart of an IP-enabled multi-room set up, allowing access to your HDX-stored music throughout your home.

The HDX provides access to tens of thousands of internet radio stations via a standard internet connection, allowing you to browse and discover great music, both new and old. Naim’s Choice, a menu highlighting high quality stations chosen for quality of sound and/or programming, provides instant and easy access to the highest quality streams.

HDX can be controlled remotely from the n-Serve app for iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch, which is available as a free download from the app store

HDX is also now available in a Solid State Drive (SSD) variant. HDX-SSD caters for the music lover with an extensive collection and is designed to save all ripped music to Network Attached Storage (NAS) enabling almost infinite storage capability.

Imagine your entire CD collection available for immediate replay at the touch of a screen with Naim CD player sound quality. You don’t have to imagine anymore; the HDX has arrived.

Please note: internet radio and automated back-up to NAS functionality are part of the free Version 1.6 software update. Visit the “Manuals & Downloads” tab of this page to get the latest software.

  • Two variants: HDX or HDX-SSD
  • HDX – 1TB Hard Drive
  • HDX-SSD – 16GB Single Level Cell (SLC) Enterprise Drive
  • Bit-perfect CD ripping to either 1TB internal storage drive (HDX only) or external network attached storage (NAS) drive (both HDX and HDX-SSD)
  • Naim Extended Music Database – supports extended metadata to track-level resolution for intuitive browsing & selection
  • Naim Network Scanning – will discover all playable music & metadata available on networked computers (PC & Mac)
  • vTuner 5* full service internet radio service
  • Optional automated back-up to NAS feature
  • Naim UPnP Server – will serve audio streams to any UPnP rendering playback device, such as the NaimUniti or UnitiQute
  • Ethernet network connectivity for reliability
  • Front-panel USB port for replay of USB memory stick-stored audio
  • Multiple intuitive control interfaces: Front panel touch screen / TV / Web / Desktop Client and iPhone / iPod Touch app
  • Naim Desktop Client – for browsing music files, player setup and maintenance with a PC
  • WAV, MP3, AAC, FLAC, AIFF, Windows Media-formatted content files and ALAC files played from any USB-connected storage device
  • Native 24 bit/192kHz playback and internal architecture with support for hi-resolution audio formats. Plays WAV up to 24bit/192kHz, MP3 both vbr and fbr, FLAC up to 24bit/192kHz, AAC (m4a only), AIFF, ALAC, OGG Vorbis and Windows Media-formatted content files.
  • CD replay with display of cover art, album and track data
  • Performance upgradeable with additional of external XPS or 555 PS power supply and DAC digital to analogue converter
  • StreamNet-enabled for NaimNet audiophile multi-room replay of up to six streams over a home network
  • Separate toroidal transformer and linear power supply for audio circuits
  • Naim-designed PCI audio and drivers with ultra-low jitter clocks
  • S/PDIF Digital output on BNC or TosLink
  • Seven pole analogue output filtering
  • Composite, S-Video or VGA display output for screen or touchscreen
  • Electrical isolation of data lines and clocks
  • Ultra low noise triple-regulated power supplies
  • Naim reference non-magnetic, low-resonance low microphony case
  • Quiet in operation
  • British design and build