CD Players, Digital Source

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Precision Compact Disk Concept player

The CDC is a top of the range CD player. This unit is equipped with a built-in digital to analogue converter, remote control and pre-amplifier stage and can be connected directly to a power amplifier. The front-loading mechanism is designed with aviation technology giving an excellent stability to the transport and reliability second-to-none.

The CDC offers a revolutionary front loading design with the playback module mounted securely in the CD drawer. The stability and performance of this precision drawer ensures that the CD is read with perfect reliability. The digital signal path is entirely treated at the 44’100Hz frequency avoiding the possibility of introducing parasitic interference through up sampling techniques.

The brushed aluminium case and the gold plated encapsulation for the digital-to-analog converters ensures that there is no interference of the audio signal from radiation, and thus guarantees signal purity.

The CDC uses an external power supply which ensures that there is no alternating current nor high voltages inside the unit. These factors blend to offer the user a pure transparency, and an audio restitution identical to the original recording. The transport of the CDC is fully remote controlable, and all the transport functions are displayed on the back-lit LCD indicator mounted on the front side of the CD drawer. Featuring a traditional Nagra modulometer the CDC allows the integrity of the restitution to be visiually monitored all the time. The chassis of the CDC is identical in dimension to the renowned PL-P and PL-L and thanks to the front-loading mechanism allows the units to be stacked neatly together.