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Bryston BDP-1, black, ex-demo, fully boxed, immaculate condition (£1625 New)

A companion to the company’s award winning BDA-1 DAC (digital to analogue converter), the BDP-1 is a digital music player that enables users to play high definition music files.

Controlled via the simple to navigate front panel buttons, the BDP-1 behaves much like an ordinary CD player, with a familiar display panel and button functions. For added flexibility the unit may also be connected via ethernet port to a home network, where the built-in Bryston-Mini and Bryston-Max web apps can be accessed from the browser of a PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad or other SmartPhone to offer enhanced control, including creation of personalised playlists. An optional iPod/Phone/Pad app is available for download from or the Firefox browser add-on, Music Player Minion can be used – giving the user real choice over their preferred control method.

With the emphasis strictly on high performance music reproduction, connection to a home network only enables control via a browser and does not give access to music streaming over the ethernet. Music is always accessed from the locally connected USB storage device, eliminating the challenges associated with streaming large high-resolution digital files over the home network.

Music files with a resolution of up to 24-bit/192kHz can be enjoyed on the BDP-1, which can play FLAC, AIFF, WAV, MP3, M4A, WMA, WMV and many other file formats.

In keeping with its high performance credentials, the BDP-1 is designed without functions and features that would detract from the music reproduction. As such, it does not contain an internal DAC, a hard-drive, a streamer, a CD player/ripper, noisy fans or switching power supplies. The BDP-1 connects to an external DAC for playback through AES-EBU or BNC digital outputs.

Utilising an ultra stable, read only, Linux operating system, industrial grade motherboards and a Bryston-modified soundcard, the BDP-1 is an ultra high-performance digital music player, which, when connected to an external hard drive and DAC, will provide outstanding performance for the music aficionado.

* BDP-1 has ‘no moving parts’
* BDP-1 is a player not a server
* Can be used outside of the network (not a dead box)
* One step closer to the master tape – no spinning discs, glass masters or manufacturing issues
* Dedicated software and hardware, using the shortest route possible, to do nothing but play back high resolution and normal resolution digital music files (up to 192/24) with the highest sound quality available.
* Linux imbedded operating system with open architecture allows for many added features going forward.
* No computer housekeeping or virus issues
* No noisy switching power supplies or streaming devices
* A lot more music being released on dedicated thumb-drives – (e.g. The Beatles and USB individual albums)
* Bryston Mini and MAX web-app built in to BDP-1 – allows it to Interface with any device that can communicate with a web browser – over a local network e.g. iPhone, iTouch, iPad, Desktop or Laptop computer etc.
* Bryston App can accommodate individual Play Lists and can see track listing and album artwork from your armchair