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EAR DAC Tim de Paravicini has applied his world renowned knowledge and attention to detail in the analog world to the digital domain. The DAC boasts a digital to analogue converter with low-jitter clock and enhanced operation. The DAC is armed with a Cirrus SPDIF receiver, enabling the DAC to interface to your existing digital setup and accept up to 24/192 digital input from USB, coaxial SPDIF and Toslink SPDIF inputs. Immediately upon returning to the analog domain, the audio signal is passed to analog filters of Tim de Paravicini’s own design. The audio is output from a transformer-coupled ECC88 tube line output stage as in EAR pro audio equipment. This allows true floating balanced output as well as identical quality unbalanced line out by RCA connectors. The maximum output is 5 volts, which means it can drive directly any power amplifier of any type, with analog volume control that can be controlled by remote handset.

Accurate, clean smooth sound, yet detailed, open and dynamic, lacking the overly-crisp, a musicality of many highly-regarded digital to analog converters. Many audio designers claim to make digital players that sound “like vinyl.” Unlike most, Tim de Paravicini, with the DAC, has actually done it.


DAC: 24 BIT Multilevel Delta Sigma Conversion.

Digital Inputs: 1) USB Interface

2) 2 x 75 Ohms Coaxial S/PDIF

3) Toslink Optical S/PDIF

Analogue Outputs: 1) Phono; 5V rms single ended

2) Balanced XLR; 5V rms XLR pin 2 positive

Valve Compliment: 2x ECC88 / 6DJ8

Output Impedance: < 60 Ohms (balanced or single ended)

Recommended Load: > 600 Ohms (balanced or single ended)

Harmonic Distortion: < 1%

Frequency Response: 20Hz – 20KHz

Dimensions: W 435mm, D 320mm (inc controls and connections) H 95mm

Description: Digital Audio Converter with in-built valve driven transformer line output stage