CD Players, Digital Source

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The direct-drive Classic Line 102 CD player has a high-end DA converter of a very sophisticated kind that possesses the salient features of the converter in the 061 CD player. The converter can also be accessed by external devices such as TV set-top boxes or Blu-ray™ players via the integrated digital ports. All incoming digital signals are converted by a sample rate converter to the sampling frequency (96 kHz or 192 kHz) selected by the user.

The direct drive Classic Line 102 CD player contains a maximum-quality, high end D/A converter that displays all of the essential characteristics of the converter found in the CD Player 061. The digital inputs can be used for connecting external audio sources, such as a television set-top box or a blu-ray player, to the converter. All incoming digital signals are converted to the preferred sampling frequency (96kHz or 192kHz) by a sample rate converter.
Thanks to its modern converter technology and painstakingly optimised overall design, the 102 features a sound quality that advances the CD player to a whole new level. The extremely sophisticated analogue output stages obtain their signal from a converter section of the latest generation, with switchable up-sampling rates (96 kHz and 192 kHz) to guarantee a highly defined and musical sound.
Just like the other CD players in the Burmester product range, the 102 contains balanced circuitry with a fully DC-coupled signal path, and no coupling capacitors getting in the way of the signal. The glossy display has several dimming levels and can also be switched off completely if desired. Thanks to its clear and intuitive structure, the user can familiarise himself with the CD player instantly. Furthermore, all functions of the 052 can be controlled through the BurLink interface, using a media control system such as CrestronTM or AMXTM.


· New direct-driven CD drive with extremely fast loading time
· 2 digital inputs to enable use of internal DA converter with external sound sources, such as a TV set-top box or blu ray player, etc.
· Upsampling of all digital audio signals switchable to 96 kHz/24 bit or auf 192 kHz/24 bit
· Trusted Burmester converter technology with balanced conversion
· Balanced and unbalanced audio outputs
· 2 digital outputs
· All functions can be operated by remote control
· System remote control unit included
· Playback list can be programmed with up to 50 titles
· Setup menu for individual configuration of player
· Display brightness programmable in four levels
· Fully DC-coupled signal path (i.e. no coupling capacitors) for precise bass reproduction with no phase shift in the audible spectrum
· BurLink for external control via RS 232 or USB
· “Green“ power supply with a very low, environmentally-friendly power consumption of less than 1W in standby mode
· Easy-to-read, glossy display