Van den Hul

3T The Rock Hybrid 1m pair

Cables, Interconnects


This product has a 3 year warranty.

Van den Hul’s 3T The Rock Hybrid is at the moment the most popular 3T balanced interconnect.

The ROCK Hybrid is probably the best value for money interconnect we have in the program.
The specific 3T (True Transmission Technology) qualities are present.

  • The 2 centre conductors are each made of 12 x 3T conductors: 1 x 400 micron surrounded by 11 x 150 micron and each conductor is covered with an extra L.S.C. coating.
  • The 3 layer shielding is a combination of 2 layers made of heavy silver coated copper strands and 1 layer of L.S.C. in between used for strong damping of spurious signals.
  • The 3T The Rock Hybrid is a very successful design with already many happy users worldwide.