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This product has a 2 year warranty.

All Naim accessories are developed and tested using our own systems and so we know the performance enhancements they bring will work in your Naim system, too. For example, the Power-Line mains lead not only transmits electricity to the component but also rejects unwanted vibration attempting to use the cable as a conduit to get inside that component. Its connections use similar decoupling measures to those in the Hi-Line interconnect cable. Naim deploy amazing amounts of effort and resources to ensure that these mere ‘accessories’ produce consistently exemplary performance.

With the launch of Naim’s first custom designed and manufactured mains cable system, the most fundamental of all audio hardware items has hit centre stage. The Power-Line consists of a mains outlet plug, a mains cable and a mains IEC inlet plug, Each element incorporates features never before seen in an audio mains cable, and, like Naim’s Hi-Line interconnect cable, the Power-Line represents a genuine advance in high-end audio engineering.

The unique design of the Power-Line is the result of hundreds of hours of experimentation, research and listening aimed at identifying and optimising the critical elements of audio mains power cables.

The Power-Line mains plug features a thermoset resin case carrying floating pins that align to provide an enhanced contact area with the socket connections. The stripped cable ends are secured by specially profiled clamp screws and the cable is both decoupled and clamped by an ingenious die-cast component that includes measures to suppress case eddy currents.

The Power-Line cable itself is custom manufactured with 4mm² cross section copper conductors, individual dielectric insulation chosen for its sound enhancing electrical properties, and a final rubber outer that provides both high levels of inherent mechanical damping, and the correct stiffness to aid dressing on installation.

Completing the Power-Line is an IEC inlet plug that continues many of the decoupling and electrical continuity themes of the mains plug. It features floating contacts, combined decoupling and clamping, double wiper contacts and case eddy current suppression.

The Power-Line brings gains in all areas of system performance with its influence increasing as it is used on each component in a system. It represents a striking and significant upgrade for all Naim hi-fi systems.

The Power-Line is compatible with all mains-powered Naim products. Some Naim products are 2-box solutions including an external power supply. Where this is the case, the product can be upgraded by connecting a Power-Line to the power supply.