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Power Chord Mains 1.5m

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This product has a 10 year warranty.

Chord Power Chord, 1.5m, ex-demo, boxed, superb condition! (£225 New)

Mains cables are as critical to a systems performance as interconnects and speaker cable.

To combat the current ‘noisy’ home environment we have specifically used high purity copper conductors and our trademark shielding – meaning the Power Chord will represent a substantial improvement to anyone’s system.  We recommend you audition the Power Chord on your source equipment initially, then see where it may take you.

“I listened to a Power Chord on my CD player and then got two more to use with my pre and power amplifiers. I heard more detail but it was the improvements in dynamics and control that really impressed.”

The Power Chord mains cable (like so many Chord cables) came into being just after the Signature speaker cable. This was Chord’s first shielded speaker cable and it taught us so much about the use of and performance improvements that a high frequency effective shield could bring.

The Power Chord uses the same high frequency effective shielding as other Chord cables, and like other cables with high frequency effective shielding the improvements are easy to hear and pretty universal. There is better definition, bass lines are clear, dynamic and easy to follow. Voices are more convincing and rhythms hang together better.

Try a Power Chord on your source component but be prepared to experiment. If you start with just one you should try it on all the equipment you have. You may find the biggest result comes from connecting your amplifier first. It will be easy to hear where it works best, and it will be easy to add more Power Chords as well.

Chord didn’t produce a mains cable for a long time, and it wasn’t until they had produced the Signature speaker cable and understood how important high frequency effective shielding is, that they felt they could make a mains cable with a consistent performance.

The Plugs

There’s more to making a mains cable perform properly than fitting the right plugs. We did test a lot of IEC plugs before fitting the one that we do, in listening tests it was clearly better than the others. What really surprised us though was just how much influence on sound quality the routing of the conductors within both the IEC and mains plugs had.

The Power Chord is available fitted with UK and European mains plugs. Other types may be available to order.

Use it with

Built with hi-fi components in mind, the Power Chord works every bit as well on home cinema processors and amplifiers and turns out to be rather good with high definition screens and projectors as well.


Conductors: 3 X 14 AWG high purity multi-strand copper conductors
Configuration: Parallel conductor layout, dual layer floating shield
Insulation: PVC
Shielding: Dual layer high frequency effective braid and foil combination shield
Jacket: High density vibration damping outer jacket
Colour: Purple