CA 1m pair

Cables, Interconnects


This product has a 3 year warranty.

McIntosh premium cables are engineered to highlight the performance of their speakers, amplifiers, control centers and source components. These cables will perfectly complete your McIntosh audio system and home theater systems and are designed specifically to optimize the performance of their products.

The construction quality of McIntosh cables has to be of highest order since the audio cables are built to match the renowned longevity of all McIntosh products. Their cables therefore have a Lifetime Limited Warranty against failure under normal use.

McIntosh Audio Cables (RCA) use the finest pure copper conductors with multiple electromagnetic shields to maintain audio signal purity while blocking outside interference. Gold plated, solid brass connectors ensure secure signal transmission and the best audio performance. These cables will perfectly complete McIntosh home theater systems and car stereo systems are designed to optimize the product performance.