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Microgroove Plus

Amplifiers, Phono Amplifiers


This product has a 1 year warranty.

Tom Evans Microgroove Plus phono stage, ex-demo, boxed, superb condition! (£900 New)

Tom Evans Microgroove created a benchmark for phono stage performance at this level – this award winning “Plus” model features Lithos power regulation. The standard mains PCB has been replaced with a new board that features Lithos voltage regulation, which is 3 times faster, 1000 times quieter, and 5 decimal places more accurate than the “best” previous regulators.

This is provided from an external supply box which contains a 70 watt transformer and electrostatic screens to prevent interference. Power is then rectified, smoothed and regulated before entering the phono stage. The ultra low noise and distortion of the design has resulted in a phono stage. These improvements result in a greatly enhanced sound quality, with a lower noise floor and more musical presentation.