Merak Monoblocks

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This product has a 6 Months warranty.

Pair of Auralic Merak Monoblocks, excellent condition (£4000 New)

The AURALiC MERAK is an amazing monoblock power amplifier born for the 21st century.

It is the perfect combination of inspiring artistry and ingenious design. AURALiC have created MERAK by merging sophisticated amplifier design philosophy with modern audio technology, and dressed it up with a compact appearance.

The heart of MERAK is AURALiC’s Hybrid Analogue Amplification technology. By jointly using it with the ORFEO Class A output module, input isolation transformer, linear power supply and several latest technologies, AURALiC has successfully brought the design essence of the analogue age back to life. With the new generation of switching technology, MERAK achieves 400W of continuous output power while maintaining its efficiency at 90%.

Benefitting from a linear power supply and a 56,000uF capacitors array, the energy storage of MERAK is more than 120 Joule. This enables MERAK to deliver 16 amps peak current, which equates to about 900W power into large, power-hungry loudspeakers. Easily presenting the magnificence of the stage and reproducing the tiniest detail of music to you.

The sound of MERAK is sweet, warm and vivid with great artistic appeal; it fulfils AURALiC’s elegant and graceful aesthetic taste. Thanks to the Hybrid Analogue Amplify technology and power management circuit, MERAK realizes the perfect balanced between driving capability and energy consumption. Compared to other traditional power amplifiers, MERAK is more environmentally friendly by reducing carbon emission of 1100kg per year, making it another nova of ‘green’ hi-end equipment.

“the MERAKs represent something of a price/performance breakthrough for those of us who seek top-tier (or at least upper tier) performance…if I were to list some of the more costly amplifiers I have heard the MERAKs outperform, that list would include some very distinguished competitors indeed. That alone tells you how good these sensibly priced monoblocks truly are.” – Chris Martens, Hi-Fi+