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This product has a 6 Months warranty.

McIntosh MA6600 integrated amplifier, fully boxed with manual and remote, excellent condition (£6500 New)

“The MA-6600 is a truly versatile amplifier. It was also smooth and trouble free to operate in practice. It’s always a pleasure when everything – the buttons, volume setting etc. – works as designed. I like that. The older I get, the more I like that.

People often call amps such as the MA-6600 as tanks. But for a tank the MA-6600 is, I think, a way too elegant. And I’m not just referring to its glass front panel and the lit watt-meters, which are like big boys’ rev. meters in their cars: no real need, but nice to watch. By ‘elegance’ I mean the finishing and all the typical details of McIntosh amps such as circuit diagrams printed on the transformer covers  etc., in addition to apparent signs of the high quality of the work.” – online review