EAR Yoshino

M100 Monoblocks

Amplifiers, Power Amplifiers

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Tim de Paravicini established EAR in 1979, since when the brand has been renowned worldwide for the finest valve (tube) amplifiers. But in 2000 the tradition was broken with the Paravicini 312 transistor preamplifier, now joined by the M100 transistor power amplifier. To anyone familiar with EAR/Yoshino products, it will come as no surprise that this is no ordinary transistor amplifier. Designed explicitly to provide a ‘valve-like’ sound from transistors, it uses de Paravicini’s unrivalled expertise in audio transformer design to the full, with a unique single-ended output stage coupled to the load through an output transformer.

Being single ended, the M100 naturally operates entirely in Class A, with all that that implies for clarity and purity of sound. High reliability is assured by the use of multiple parallel output transistors, with adequate heatsink area for any climate (no noisy cooling fans), and the essential simplicity of the audio circuit helps with both sonic and reliability aspects. A choke-input power supply gives maximum immunity to mains supply variations and also prevents the amplifier from corrupting the mains supply in turn. With an output power of 100W the M100 has the ability to drive almost any loudspeakers to symphony-orchestra levels. For the discerning listener, it offers new heights in sonic attainment.

Technical Specification
Input impedance 47k ohm
Damping factor 8
Frequency response (at 1W output) 3dB at 3Hz, 40kHz
Maximum output 100W (28VRMS on 8 ohm terminals)
Sensitivity 1V for full output
Power bandwidth -3dB at 20Hz, 40kHz