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This product has a 6 Months warranty.

McIntosh C2300 valve pre-amplifier, 4 years old, boxed with manual and remote, superb condition (£6500 New)

The C2300 “combines a suite of potent engineering enhancements with smart, user-programmable features to deliver a truly extraordinary audio preamplifier. Each input may have the bass, treble, and mono/stereo mode adjusted and stored in memory. When individual inputs are selected, these settings will engage as preset by the listener. All adjustments may be made either from the front panel or remote control.

“In terms of unadulterated performance, using both analogue and digital sources, the C2300 is one of the best four or five pre-amps I’ve used. I would certainly put this on my short list if I were shopping for a new pre-amp. And given its price, I would probably buy it just because of the current era of austerity. The C2300 is, simply, superb.” – Ken Kessler