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The whole concept of the Auriga has been to simplify and streamline the design from top to bottom to preserve the integrity of the music signal. The power supply for example uses multi-stage passive filtering instead of active regulation to achieve low noise. Yes, it’s a low tech approach, but it works beautifully so why over complicate matters just to end up going backwards?

Having designed such an elegant circuit, Rothwell decided to produce it in an equally elegant visual guise with enclosed (though well ventilated) valves and an un-cluttered front panel with just the essential controls to hand. There are no non-essentials anywhere to degrade the sound quality, letting you get on with enjoying music.

Each Auriga is carefully assembled and wired by hand in Rothwell’s UK workshops using top quality components such as polypropylene capacitors and silver plated solid core OFC wire with PTFE insulation. Each front panel is precision engraved and hand finished on the premises. Yes, it’s labour intensive and expensive but by having full control of production Rothwell can ensure the highest level of performance. When you audition an Auriga you can verify that for yourself.

Technical Specification
Inputs 5 line + 1 tape
Outputs 2 main + 1 tape
Bandwidth 10Hz – 100kHz
Gain 8dB
Input impedance 250k
Output impedance 1k7
Valves 1 x ECC82 per channel