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The AK500A and AK500P may be small compared to typical amplifiers, but they deliver powerful performance through the strategic selection of components and perfect design.

Approximately 3,000 times faster refresh rate was achieved by implementing a very high-frequency Switching-Mode Power Supply (SMPS) used in aerospace applications rather than a commonly-used linear power supply design, ensuring a full response to even the most complex waveforms. Despite its very small size, the power supply provides a full 1,000W of capacity.

In addition, a full balanced design was used to minimize noise interference, and Power Factor Correction (PFC) was used to completely eliminate surge noise. Optical protection sensors are employed for the audio amplifier unit and protection circuits, which completely eliminate physical and electrical contact for maximum sound quality.

Since capacitors typically found in amplifiers can introduce sound-coloring, a DC feedback loop design was implemented, and no capacitors were used. Furthermore, the input buffer, driver, and output stage were completely isolated from the audio amplifier unit in an independent design to eliminate cross-interference. The outstanding structure uses separate constant-voltage circuits to eradicate any deterioration in sound quality.

The exceptional speed, power, and control capabilities of the AK500AP are no match for any other comparable power amplifier. All of these features were carefully selected and implemented to ensure the most accurate interpretation and playback of complex audio data transmitted from the AK500N.

The principal goal of the AK500 Series is not to merely recreate the information contained in an album, but rather to transport the listener into the realm of emotion and intent sought after by the artist. Audiophiles can now experience unparalleled audio closest to the original sound through the AK500 series.

The wondrous power and imagery found in nature influences many areas of design. Accordingly, the AK500 Series design motif was inspired by images in nature. The core design of the AK500 Series features multiple facets coming together in a single point, symbolizing the greatness of Switzerland’s Matterhorn, ever-changing with time and the amount of light.

We focused on capturing the imagery of its rock surfaces. The AK500 Series exemplifies the process of rocks forming together from tiny grains of earth and stone. The final design was shaped by cutting angled surfaces into a large shape that had formed through the accumulation of smaller segments.

A close look at the AK500 Series reveals the intricacies of pitch through the acute angles found on its surface. The changes in the surfaces expressed in the AK500 Series represent the highs, mids, and lows in sound. The purpose of the AK500 Series is not to improve the sound but deliver the original sound as it was meant to be heard.

Astell&Kern represents core sound without any distortion.