A21SE Stage Two Phono

Amplifiers, Phono Amplifiers


This product has a 2 year warranty.

There are two dedicated phono amplifiers in the Sugden range and both are borne from our passion for vinyl. The Stage Two offers exceptional value for money with facilities to cater for both MM and MC cartridges. The design is a two box system separating the power supply from the amplifier. The phono amplifier has fixed loading for MM and 100 and 470 Ohm selection for MC.

Our design criteria was to produce a product that was as neutral as possible, retaining a faithful and enjoyable analogue sound.


Inputs ​                                    Moving magnet, Moving coil

                                                 LTVS power in

Outputs                                  Fixed line level output

Gain Adjustment                  Internal selection for MM or MC

Load Adjustment                  Internal for MC 100 and 470 Ohms

                                                  MM fixed load 47k

Earth Terminal                      Screw type

External Power Supply        Mains powered


Input Sensitivity                    MM 3.0mV MC 0.15mV

Output                                     350mV

Frequency Response            +/-1.5dB 20Hz-20kHz

Signal to Noise                       >64dB

Gross Weight  (packed)        2kgs

Dimensions                             Phono amplifier 60 x 140 x 77mm (hwd)

                                                   Power supply 50 x 140 x 77mm (hwd)