A21I S2

Amplifiers, Integrated Amplifiers

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The Sugden A21 is a pure class A amplifier and best suited to the real music lover. It has a natural sound with great depth and the ability to communicate. A real ‘hair shirt’ product it only has one purpose, to give listening pleasure. Every penny spent is to provide sonic quality and from this comes a reputation for reliability due to the quality of components used.

Push Pull output stage All stages emitter follower Cascoded driver stages to give maximum phase shifts. All capacitors used in signal path are high-grade electrolytic (similar to Black Gate) Resistors are 1% metal film with metal oxide emitter follower resistors.

Specification Line input Frequency response 6Hz – 31kHz 30Hz Separation -62dB Noise -77dB Distortion 0.01% 0.01% Sensitivity 150mV 3mV (MM) 0.2mV (MC) Dc offset 5mV Power output 25Watts per channel pure class A

Technical specification
Transformer Triple Secondaries 1-For Phono/Line Stage 40VA 2-One for each channel 60VA each
Main Capacitors Smoothing 1 x 10000uf 50volt per channel Output decoupling 1 x 10000uf 50volt per channel
Power Supply Single ended voltage rail
Output Devices 2-multi emitter NPN per channel
Circuit Single ended Voltage rail