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Audiolab 8300A integrated amplifier, black finish, months old, fully boxed with manual and remote, superb condition! (£900 New)

Improving on an industry leader
The Audiolab 8200A was one of the most highly acclaimed amps in its class with a first-class reputation for sound quality. Improving on this hasn’t been easy for Audiolab, but with a complete ground up redesign by veteran amp designer Jan Ertner, they’ve managed to do just that.

Dual mono design for superb accuracy
At the heart of the Audiolab 8300A is a new dual mono circuit design. This means that both the left and right audio channels have their own circuitry. Interference between channels is drastically reduced giving superb stereo clarity and precision of sound. Other thoughtful design elements include a power supply that is placed as far away from the sensitive audio processors as possible – helping to reduce distortion.

More power
Delivering a punchy 75 watts per channel, the 8300A is capable of driving even the most difficult speakers to high levels. A high quality toroidal power transformer delivers not only powerful dynamics and effortless grunt, but also high efficiency and low noise.

Connect up your record deck using the built-in phono stage
With the vinyl revival in full swing, Audiolab have fitted the 8300A with a built-in phono stage. Unlike most of the competition it will accept both MM (Moving Magnet) and MC (Moving Coil) cartridge inputs for full compatibility with all turntables.

Pre/power amp split versatility
Highly impressive in its own right, the 8300A also offers superb upgrade potential. Using pre/power split functions you can add either a higher quality power amp(s), such as the awesome Audiolab 8300MB or a superior pre-amp. The twin pre-outs are also handy for other applications, such as recording or connecting to an active subwoofer.

Balanced inputs for the ultimate connection
Along with the five line-level inputs, the 8300A features balanced XLR inputs. Matched to a compatible source, these give the ultimate connection with the highest level of resistance to electrical interference.

Smooth new style
With its routed aluminium dials and recessed power switch, the 8300A looks purer and cleaner in design. A choice of silver or black, blasted aluminium finishes means that the amp will fit in with a wide range of other hi-fi components. A new display makes it easy to check the amps’ status.

With the Audiolab 8300A the best just got better.