808 MK5

Amplifiers, Pre-Amplifiers

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Ever since it was unveiled in August 1980 (the reason for the number 808), the 808 has received international acclaim. It has reached its fifth generation and continues to serve as a benchmark in the editorial departments of noted trade magazines throughout the world. This exceptional preamplifier has now been manufactured without interruption for more than 30 years. Its basic modular structure was revolutionary when it first came out, and it is still a cutting-edge device more than a quarter of a century later. New kinds of state-of-the-art technology have been added to its forward-looking basic design.

The flagship among the Burmester pre amplifiers, which has been produced in various versions since 1980, has undergone new and extensive modifications and now carries the name 808 MK 5. Well-tried characteristics remain the same, but many things were fundamentally adapted, as if leaping a fifth, in order to prepare for the next millennium. (Due to this leap of a fifth, there is no MK 4 version. 4 is also an unlucky number in Asia, and with respect to this important market we will no longer have a 4 in our newer model names.)
In the year 2000 the 808 celebrated its 20th anniversary, it has been in production continually since August 1980 (hence the name: 80=1980, 8=August). Several reasons for Burmester Audiosystems to celebrate:
new reference titles, for example in the USA (5 stars from The Absolute Sound) most sold version of the 808 the encasement, the module slots as well as the bottom plate are now painted/anodized silver. This way, the 808 matches the design of the other Reference Line models.
The 808 has often been compared to the 911 Porsche: ‘This one you’ll probably be building
forever!’ We are happy about the lively encouragement for the 808 with its unique concept
and design


4 balanced XLR inputs, of which Tape 2 is a balanced tape loop, all with XLR 3-pin terminals
6 unbalanced AUX inputs (Aux module necessary)
1 unbalanced TAPE 2 input (cinch/RCA)
2 balanced XLR outputs (3-pin plug)
2 unbalanced outputs (cinch/RCA)
1 balanced Tape1 output (3-pin plug)
1 unbalanced Tape2 output (cinch/RCA)
4 10V outputs for remote on/off of other Burmester components
Minimum order with an 808 basic unit is 1 input and 1 output module of your choice (modules not included in the price of the basic component). Surcharge for gold-plated or custom versions.
Width/Height/Depth (mm) Weight
808 MK 5: 483x170x385 (without plugs) 23 kg
Power supply: 483x95x385 (without plugs) 9 kg
Included: connecting cable from Power supply to basic unit, approx. 2 m
Recommended power cable: Burmester Power 2.5