EAR Yoshino

509 Monoblock

Amplifiers, Power Amplifiers

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Built to professional standards. Advanced Industrial grade high capacity valves not used in any domestic amplifier. EAR amplifiers proven in studio use. Accurate simple self-biasing for user replacement of valves when appropriate. In professional applications ”XLR” input connectors and balanced semi-floating inputs are supplied at a nominal additional cost. Stability – No feedback is used on the transformer secondary – The amplifiers are entirely stable into any load. Matched mono amplifiers are supplied in pairs for stereo.

*price for single unit only

Technical Specification
Power consumption 180V.A.
Frequency response 8Hz-30KHz +0-1dB
3Hz-80KHz +0-3dB
Power output 20Hz-20KHz<0.25% THD into Rate Load 100W
Power bandwidth -3dB,0.5% THD 12Hz-60KHz
I.M.D. At any level from 100mW-100W equivalent power
Signal-to-noise ratio Down from 100W 96dB
Output damping factor (0.4ohm + 4uH) 20
Weight 18kg
Input sensitivity (Unbalanced) 1.2V
Input impedance (Unbalanced) 25Kohm
Size 12”(30cm)W x 10”(25.4cm)D x 6”(15)H