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The SNAXO crossover is connected between the preamplifier and power amplifiers. Each power amplifier is then connected directly to the appropriate loudspeaker drive unit, and only handles one frequency band. This allows better control of the drive unit resulting in more accurate music reproduction. As there is no passive crossover, no amplifier power is wasted and information loss is minimised. The great potential possessed by an active system demands not only source components of the very highest quality but also for them to be perfectly matched and installed.

The SNAXO 362 is Naim’s three-way, 18dB/octave fixed-frequency crossover. It can be used in tri-amped and six-pack systems, with either three stereo or six mono power amplifiers. The output level to each loudspeaker drive unit can be adjusted by means of the cermet potentiometers mounted inside the unit. As with the 2-way SNAXO 242, power is supplied by a FlatCap XS, HiCap or SuperCap power supply.

When ordering a SNAXO, you should specify which loudspeaker model this will be used with, as Naim tailor the components within each SNAXO for use with specific loudspeakers.