This product has a 2 year warranty.

All Naim accessories are developed and tested using their own systems and so they know the performance enhancements they bring will work in your Naim system, too. For example, the Power-Line mains lead not only transmits electricity to the component but also rejects unwanted vibration attempting to use the cable as a conduit to get inside that component. Its connections use similar decoupling measures to those in the Hi-Line interconnect cable. Naim deploy amazing amounts of effort and resources to ensure that these mere ‘accessories’ produce consistently exemplary performance.

The BP1 Spade Connector attaches to the 4mm speaker cable socket of the Ovator S-400 and S-600 to create a binding post for the use of speaker cabling with spade connectors.

The BP1 creates a firm, high-pressure contact which is further stabilised by a retaining screw. The 6mm binding posts accommodate most sizes of spade connector. For especially large spade connectors, different size spacers can be incorporated to offset the two connections, ensuring that the contacts are secure and completely isolated from each other.

As with all Naim products the BP1 has been designed with music in mind. It utilises the same, specially selected, silver-plated copper alloy that is used in the contacts of the Ovator range. The matching high conductivity materials create the optimum electrical contact for sound quality and musical communication.

*Price shown is for a pair