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Here at Jordan Acoustics we have been providing high end audio systems for over a decade to discerning clients throughout the country with the sole intention of bringing people closer to their music than they ever perceived imaginable.

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Building a true high-end system is not about collecting brands based on reviews. It is about finding a true synergy between components that sound magical together. That palpable reproduction, full of dynamics and realism just how the original artist intended. Fingers on frets, breathing of vocalists, the tautness of a drum skin… the devil is in the detail.

Offering one of the most comprehensive independent portfolio’s of world class audio systems currently available today, Jordan Acoustics continues to spearhead the UK’s high end audio market supplying 2 channel audio systems for the audiophile, luxury homes, super yachts and even providing the world’s finest club experience: Despacio.

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Image ©Richard Johnson 2015
Image ©Richard Johnson 2015

Nestled in the grounds of an 18th century manor house just north of Bournemouth our flagship showroom offers clients a stunning, quiet and relaxed environment to audition some of the finest products in the world. We also have full showroom facilities in Glenrothes, Fife for clients who find themselves based further North.


Jordan Acoustics has a wealth of audio experience to ensure that you receive the right advice for all of your audio requirements.

We look forward to your call. 

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